Are you confused about where to begin when it comes to anxiety? Do you want to figure it out before your colleagues realize you’re anxious? Or before you make your kids anxious? The best way to start freeing yourself is to figure out what type of anxiety you have.  This “what type of anxiety do I

What is emotional intelligence? How to improve it? If you’ve ever read about self-improvement or people skills, you have come across this popular term. Emotional intelligence has been credited as being twice as important as IQ, enchanting everything from academic success to being better liked by others.[ref]O’Neil, J. (1996). On emotional intelligence: A conversation with

What are the best books for anxiety and overthinking in 2021? Let’s face it, reading books about anxiety can be…anxiety producing. For this reason, almost all the books I recommend have nothing to do with anxiety. Yet, when you read them, you’ll discover that they have everything to do with anxiety. Because when you have

Do you have Zoom meeting anxiety? If so, this may sound all too familiar: Your heart is pounding  You’re breaking into a cold sweat  You can’t even remember your name, much less what you want to say  Your hands are shaking  You open your mouth and only a squeak comes out.  So what’s happening that’s

Let’s talk about Unwinding Anxiety. But first, do you notice any connection between the following: Mars, bicycles, addiction, Matt Damon, anxiety?  No? Well, I didn’t see it either, at least not until I read Unwinding Anxiety by Dr. Judson Brewer, a prominent addiction psychiatrist and neuroscientist. His book was released earlier this month. Dr. Brewer