Exercise and anxiety are fundamentally incompatible. So if you’re looking for a fast, free, and easy way to free yourself from anxiety…exercise is the perfect tool. Before we get into that, let me welcome you to our new series here at Maness Hypnosis – the anxiety tool of the month. Every month, I’ll be showing

I went on a short weekend trip to San Antonio this past summer. I stayed at an Air-BnB and got to do some fun stuff like kayaking, seeing the inside of a cave (Natural Bridge Caverns), and explore the oldest unrestored stone church in America (Mission Concepción-Catholic Church finished in 1755).  I wondered what it

How Do Toxic Relationships Occur? Let’s face it, toxic relationships are the norm. We were all raised by people (either by our parents or a caregiver) who lacked many of the communication skills we would have liked to have in a guardian. This is really what leads people not only to attract toxic relationships into

Call Now I know you are searching around and maybe you are not sure who to work with in terms of a hypnotist. I will reveal 8 little-known facts about the hypnotists in Dallas, that will save you a lot of money, even if you don’t work with us. Most hypnotists have 100 hours of sub-par

The BBQ from hell Imagine this scenario. You’re invited to a BBQ with many other people in attendance. You’re a little apprehensive, but you really want to go, as the host has a reputation of being a master of BBQ brisket. You love brisket as much as a fish loves the water, so you accept.