How Do Toxic Relationships Occur? Let’s face it, toxic relationships are the norm. We were all raised by people (either by our parents or a caregiver) who lacked many of the communication skills we would have liked to have in a guardian. This is really what leads people not only to attract toxic relationships into

Toxic Relationships: 3 Ways To Avoid Them And How To Have Healthy Relationships Instead

Did your mom ever teach you that anything worth doing, is worth doing right? Mine did. Although I learned this valuable lesson from an early age, there have been times when I faced the pain of having to start all over again. For example, as a trumpet player at age 14, I had to undergo

14 Undeniable Signs You Have Low Self Esteem

Have you ever been on a plane that aborted a takeoff? I have. You built up an incredible amount of thrust only to lose all it halfway down the runway. It doesn’t matter how fast you get going if you fail to launch. Men, how many sexual takeoffs have you had to abort lately? Be

Erectile dysfunction hypnotherapy is the secret to natural male enhancement

Do you relate to the following story? A fawn said to her mother one day, “Mama, you’re bigger than a dog, and much faster too! You have greater strength, and antlers to protect yourself. Why is then, Mama, that you are so afraid of the dogs?” “Yes”, the mother replied, “I do know this fully. But,

7 Keys to Building Superhuman Self-confidence